Make your life event simply unforgettable with Blackbird Woodfire’s mobile pizza catering in Fargo. Our catering portfolio accommodates large and small groups in formal or informal settings with our delicious artisan pizzas.  Pizzas are created and cooked onsite in our mobile woodfired oven.  Additional sides and drinks can be added to build a custom menu that is perfect for your event. All events have a $650 minimum sale.  Send us an email or call us today at 701.478.1968 to discuss your catering needs.


$13 per person
Guests will walk up and order their very own individual 9” sized pizza from our full pizza menu and be entertained as their pizza is topped and cooked in our mobile woodfired oven.  Blackbird will supply all paper products and pizza condiments for your guests. Salads and beverages are available as add-ons, please see the Catering menu for pricing.


$11 per person
We hand make and serve 12” pizzas cut into 6-8 slices.  You select four different pizza types from our catering menu.  Pizzas are served buffet style allowing your guests to graze and choose the slice they want.  Our staff will replenish the buffet table with unlimited woodfired pizzas during our service time, clean up and package any remaining food at the close of service time for you.


We bring our unique wood fired oven, tent, and prep tables to your event location two hours before food service to set up and heat the oven.  The oven, prep and service area takes up 10 x 20 feet.  If you would like our oven and open style kitchen to be the center of attention, our trailer requires a 10′-12′ opening to be pulled into a backyard or gated area. If there is not access to the serving area we can setup our oven and kitchen in another onsite. If you have any concerns about the space requirements, please feel free to email a picture of your location.  We are happy to make a site visit and discuss options.
Our service time is approximately two hours, once the guest list count is around 100, an additional hour of service is usually needed for $50.00 per hour.
Inclement weather: Having “Plan B” for our set up is important, for severe weather we will need to have access to a secure, safe building to set up our tables and prep cart.  We can serve in light rain.
Artisan woodfire pizza is right for any event!   A Blackbird Catering Consultant will work with you or your event planner to customize a menu and serving style to compliment your occasion.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your event take flight.